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Macedonian Costume Portfolio
Macedonian Folk Costume



Македонски Народни Носии

(Makedonski Narodni Nosii / Macedonian Folk Costumes)

Skopje Ethnography Museum 1963           $295.

Out of print, hard to find


  • Hardcover linen-covered portfolio
  • Over-sized 13.5" X 19.5"     
  • Weight 8 pounds 
  • Macedonian, French, and English text  
  • Minor shelf wear to cover 

A beautiful, comprehensive reference to Macedonian traditional folk costume.  

An excellent resource for the collector for costume identification.  A fine addition to any ethnic library. The beautiful plates are loose, suitable for framing or display. 

The complete Macedonian costume is shown, followed by several plates with the costume elements spread out, plus pages of construction designs and patterns. Text in Macedonian, French, and English provides complete details.

In many costume reference books, costume elements are obscured by top layers of clothing, so certain accessories are not visible. The Macedonian portfolio illustrations show all the elements and accessories of every costume, in separate detail, named and described.

Macedonian ethnographic map
with location of 46 folk costumes

  • 14 pages introductory text, 4 pages in English
  • 40 pages of specific explanations for each plate
  • 8 bridal costumes, 5 men’s costumes with all accessories
  • 46 color costume plates plus 16 plates of patterns
  • Illustrations: Marija Malahova, Olga Benson, or from museum costumes

Example of plate series:
Crna Gora bridal costume 

First detail plate, Crna Gora

Another detail plate, Crna Gora


More Crna Gora costume detail  On the right is a kyustek, a bead crochet hair ornament with tassels; the same technique used to make the beaded bracelets and beaded snakes that many of us love.

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