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Bulgarian Slippers
Rhodope Mountains area

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Traditional Bulgarian wool slippers (terlitsi) from the Rhodope Mountains area. The exotic design reflects the historical Muslim and Turkish influence.


Craftswomen today make slippers on the sewing machine using wool or wool blend fabric. Traditional patterns are machine embroidered in colors and metallic threads. Gaitani, trim similar to middy braid, is typically used on the back of the ankle or arranged in decorative loops and patterns. 

BG Rhodope Slippers

BG15 SL2  $33.

  • Black slippers
  • Orange-gold embroidery
  • Black gaitani braid trim & heel
  • Foot length 10”


The handsome slippers on this page are brand new, soft and comfortable to wear.  They can be worn, displayed or added to a folk collection. When there are no sizes in the slippers, we measure and make our best guess.


BG Rhodope Slippers

BG15 SL5   $30.

  • About women's size USA 71/2
  • Charcoal gray slipper
  • Plaid insole
  • Red embroidery
  • Black gaitani heel

BG Rhodope Slippers 

BG12 SL-3   $33.

  • Maroon slipper, brown sole 
  • Yellow & silver embroidery
  • Slver braiding
  • Black gaitani heel
  • About 9" long
  • About women's US 
  • Gaitani scallops with beads

BG Rhodope Slippers

 BG18 T3   $33.

  • Size 42 large
  • White tag comes off
  • Red, gold, tinsel stitching
  • Black gaitani trim
  • Maroon and white braid

BG Rhodope Souvenir Slippers 

BG28  TS3  $10.

  • Miniature slippers
  • About 3½" long
  • Black slipper
  • Red, green, silver tinsel embroidery

BG Rhodope Slippers 

 BG18 T-2   $33.

  • Size 44 large
  • White tag comes off
  • Black slipper
  • Orange, mustard, silver embroidery
  • Black gaitani trim
  • Braided maroon and gold

BG Rhodope Slippers 

 BG15  SL7   $18.

  • Child size
  • About 6" long
  • Black slipper
  • Red, cream, gold tinsel embroidery
  • Ankle strap with button

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