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Bulgarian Postcards 1
First of 4 pages of postcards!



Postcards are good trip souvenirs, memories, and good reference.  If you’ve traveled to Bulgaria, you’ll probably recognize the cities and towns on these postcards. You probably ate some delicious Bulgarian foods, saw authentic folk costumes, instruments, and crafts. Maybe you bought these postcards but mailed them to your friends and didn’t keep any for your travel album. Here’s something to add to your scrapbook.  If you haven’t yet seen Bulgaria, maybe these scenes will inspire your travel plans.

Collectors, remember that Bulgarian postcards are metric.  The typical rectangular postcards are about 4¼" x 6½" so they won't fit in standard US 4" x 6" albums. Other cards are longer at  8½" x 4¼" and several irregularly- shaped cards are slightly larger.

PRICES:  Most of the postcards are $1.50 each or 5 for $5.00.    

Order postcards by number & topic.


only 2 left Card #A - 1 Bulgaria, one of several cards shaped like the map of Bulgaria, about 8" at the widest point.  

Funny story -- someone mailed a Bulgarian map-shaped card to the USA. The card arrived in a USPS plastic envelope for damaged mail, with a printed notice saying, “Sorry, we tore your mail,” to explain the irregular shape.


The long costume cards below measure 9½" x 4½"   

There are two designs.    PC#28 black or PC#29 blue, $1.75 each / 2 for $3.






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