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Welcome to Balkan Bazaar

Hello! We are Suze and Richie, owners of Balkan Bazaar.  Welcome to our website.  

Happy New Year 2020! Let it be better than the last.   

That said, we're in the stay-at-home COVID-19 pandemic.  Please follow the guidelines and stay healthy...   We can send packages by mail while we are not seeing shoppers in person.

We have a few folksy souvenirs left from my 2018 shopping trip in and around Sofia, Bulgaria. There are Bulgarian refrigerator magnets, beautiful postcards from a young photographer, new coin earrings, modern cotton rugs in traditional designs, and vintage flat rugs. 

 We hope to see you this spring, summer and fall 2020.  This is now a modified hope! 

CANCELLED - COVID-19 Saturday, March 14, 2020 - annual Bulgarian party Durham NC - we'll decorate the hall with textiles, and will have a VERY small Bazaar for your shopping pleasure during the day, pot luck dinner, and dance party with live music.  Here's the flyer   https://www.trianglefolkdancers.org/event-files/BULGARIAN%20Dance%20Weekend%20mar2020.pdf

CANCELLED -- May 9-10, 2020 - The Virginia Beach spring gathering is at a comfortable new venue, The Edge, a Retreat Center in Spring Grove, VA.  (formerly at Makemie Woods) Contact us for more specifics.

CANCELLED -- August 8-15, 2020 we'll be at the EEFC Music & Dance workshop near Rock Hill, NY:   https://eefc.org/balkan-camp/east-coast-balkan-music-dance-workshop/

No news yet:

Over Labor Day weekend 2020, shop with us at    World Village Music & Dance, at a wonderful new venue, Cascade MD:       http://www.dancingplanetproductions.com/dancecamp.htm

CANCELLED  In November, we'll wind our traveling season by taking the big blue van full of folk treasures to build again our cultural display and pop-up shop Texas Camp over Thanksgiving weekend.  https://tifd.org/texas-camp/

For your shopping convenience, check our website, or contact us if there are Balkan things you're looking for. Folk music CDs are always popular gifts, so easy to wrap and mail -- many are on sale at reduced prices. Ask us for your favorite Bulgarian CDs, or we can suggest some titles.  If you're near us in North Carolina, or driving through, call for a shopping appointment.

Where’s our shop? We don't have a brick & mortar store in a building. We travel to folk dance camps and events to build a pop up shop with both contemporary and vintage Balkan folk wares. It's easier for us to set up a real shop than to manipulate this website, so you'll experience lots more Balkan Bazaar at an actual event.  We offer you a treasure trove of folksy things - there's lots to look through, much more than the samples we have here on our website. We're glad to make an appointment if you want to come here to see a costume piece, CD, book, etc.  

Many items are one of a kind, like a vintage Bulgarian hand-woven beaded belt or an out of print ethnic costume book. When that unique piece is gone, it's gone. Luckily, we're always collecting more. Some items are available in various styles and sizes, such as Bulgarian T-shirts, Bulgarian socks, table linens, and postcards. 

Please contact us if you don't see what you want, or if you have a question about a listed item. We'll tell you if we still have the item, can get another one, or we might suggest something similar.

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