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Bulgarian Martinitsi
Chestita Baba Marta!

March 1st is a traditional Bulgarian holiday. The greeting is “Chestita Baba Marta!” or Happy Grandmother March!  Baba Marta is a mythical figure who brings the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

A martinitsa is a red and white wool thread decoration pinned on the lapel or worn as a bracelet, a token of health and well-being in anticipation of spring. There are traditional yarn dolls, a boy called Pizho and a girl called Penda.  

The red threads drive away evil while the white threads are for longevity and eternity. Blue wool or blue beads may be added for protection from the evil eye, or small coins to wish for wealth. A martinitsa is worn until fruit trees bloom or one sees a stork; then the decoration may be hung on a bush or tree. 



We offer red and white cord similar to the above - $2 per yard -- ask if you are interested in making your own martinitsas.


#M1     $15. for the pair

6” Martinitsa for wall or door

2 pairs available

  • Traditional yarn dolls
  • Pizho (boy) and Penda (girl)

Martinitsa bracelet  $17.00  each      

Top to bottom M4 - M5 SOLD - M6  

  • Middle dark red - SOLD
  • Size small-medium roll-on
  • Red, plus white pearl beads

Martinitsa $2.50 each            

SOLD M7 – M8

M9, on far right

  • 1 each available as shown
  • About 3” tall
  • Safety pin included

Martinitsa $3.50 each                                      

1 each available

left to right

  • M10 – 3½ “ long, a green thread
  • M11 – crochet w sequins
  • SOLD M12 – braided bracelet w “coin”

3” Martinitsa $3.50 each                                               

  • 1 each available, left to right
  • M13 – gold thread 2 beads
  • M14 – 3 color threads

Martinitsa M15 $3.50

  • 3” tall plaid bag
  • Spindle & wool
  • Safety pin included

Postcard M16  $1.25

  • Chestita Baba Marta
  • Guy with lamb says:
  • “and another kiss for you”

Postcard M17 $1.25  

  • Storks on nest
  • Здраве и Дългоетие
  • “Health and long life”
Martinitsa $2 each
simple bracelets C58d
string or yarn
The round things are price tags!
From top to bottom
quantity in (--)
  • plastic shell bead, red & white string (1)
  • plastic brown bead, predominate red string (4)
  • red & white twist yarn (2)
  • white yarn wrapped with red (3)
  • red & white braided yarn (2)

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