Hungarian Vintage Calendars

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These vintage 12-month calendars showcase colorful traditional Hungarian folk costumes.

The spiral bound pages measure about 12¾" x 18½" - suitable for framing, or the calendar could be kept intact for reference and display. The actual calendars are much more vibrant and bright than the photos.   

calendars $15 each / two for $25. 

To order, ask for HVC + the year.

HVC 1985  

Somogyi Nepviseletek / 

Folk Costumes of Somogyi

1 copy left 2 copies available    



HVC 1986

Rabakoi Nepviseletek / 

Folk Costumes of Rabakoi







HVC 1987

Nepviseletek Magyar Lakodalmi Oltozetek /

Hungarian Traditional Wedding Costumes

1 copy left 2 copies available

SOLD HVC 1988a

Nepviseletek, Drava Mente /

Folk Costumes along the Drava River
1 copy left  2 copies available

HVC 1989a

Nepviseletek Nograd Megye / 

Traditional Costumes Nograd County

1 copy left  2 copies available

HVC 1990

Folk Costumes, Pest County

1 copy left  2 copies available


Hortobagy Folk Costumes

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