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Bulgarian Postcards 2
$1.50 each / 5 for $5.00

BG postcard #2

Belt Buckles

All identified on the back

Valuable reference

Plovdiv Museum collections


BG postcard #3

Bulgarian Cuisine, long card

Bean stew recipe on the back


BG postcard #4

Koukers {mummers} of Bulgaria

Collage of koukers

BG postcard #5

Traditional Rhodope costume 

Devil's Bridge over the Arda River

BG postcard #6

Folklore from Plovdiv Museum

Kukeri and bells

BG postcard #7

Bulgaria, traditional couple

Donkeys and typical house


BG postcard #8

Kuker / mummer Mask

Bourgas area

BG postcard #9

Gaida / Bagpipe Player 

Montage of traditional scenes, towns


 Irregular shape


BG postcard #10

Folklore traditions

Music, dance, and costume

BG postcard #11

Rhodope shepherd

Plovdiv Museum, 1901 photo

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