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Bk51 u1 $15.

Decorative Eggs - Candace Ord Manroe

  • Crescent Books, NY  1992 
  • Hardcover, 10½” by 10¼” 
  • Dust jacket 
  • 112 pages, full color photographs, index
  • Excellent condition.
  • Two small remainder red spots on lower closed pages.

Covers the rich international history of the egg from its traditional and symbolic applications to its pervasive role in the decorative arts.

Discover a world of egg treasures, including luscious chocolate and confectionary eggs, magnificent Ukrainian and Lithuanian pysanky, and jewel-encrusted Faberge eggs.

Also, complete easy-to-follow directions for decorating eggs at home.


Egg 5-02 $2.75

Decorated Eggshell

  • Purple checks with flowers
  • Covered with fancy paper
  • Clever cuts to fit
  • Glued and sealed
  • Lavender hanging string


Tiny Eggs 7-01   $2.50

  • Set of 3 miniature eggs
  • Hand-painted wood
  • About an inch long

E14-10   $7.50

Blue and White China Egg

  • 5½” long x 3¼” wide
  • Egg opens in half
  • Lovely storage for candies, jewelry, & more

E44-09  $8.50 each

Vintage painted porcelain eggs

  • About 2¾” long
  • Small hen-egg size
  • “The Egg Lady”
  • Only these two
  • Left -- white with fruits
  • Some crazing in the finish
  • “The Fruit of the Spirit is Joy”
  • Right -- pink and yellow flowers, leaves
  • Surface is unmarred, no lines

E15-10 $8.50

Vin Cenzo Tin Egg Box 

2½” x 4¾”  - No ribbon

  • Reproduction, Faberge’s Imperial Rose Trellis Egg
  • Pale green background
  • Trellis pattern overlay with pink roses
  • Red simulated quilting interior
  • Info folder

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