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Suze in her typical ethnic costume, at the old Makemie Woods venue for the Virginia Beach get-togethers.


We enjoy hearing from you.  

It's easy to ask us questions by email or phone. Occasionally we're at some remote folk dance camp without a cell signal but usually we can check email and answer calls even while on the road. 

Since many Balkan Bazaar items are one-of-a-kind, when one is gone, it's gone. Everything is subject to prior sale, so please contact us to make sure that the item you want is still available.

Consignment? We'll consider consigning your ethnic costumes and musical instruments.  We have a market for your consignment folk dance shoes - opanke, opanci, tsurvuli, etc, and your Hungarian or other dance boots. Check your closets and talk to us.

Email   info@balkanbazaar.com

Phone 919-265-7354  - It's not a smart phone! Please send pictures by email.  

No answer?  try 919-265-3956.

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