Bulgarian Gift Bags

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Rava designs, quality paper gift bags printed on both sides, hand-knotted string handles.

Three designs in two sizes

BG20-RBlg   $3.98

Large bag, size 8½" x 15"

10 available

Seven photos of Bulgarian traditional costumes from the Sofia Ethnographic museum on a background of kilim patterns.     

BG20-RBsm1   $2.98 

Rava bag, small size 5¾" x 9½"

  • 5 available
  • Traditional old Babi / Grannies with village activites and artifacts 

BG20-RBsm2   $2.98  

Rava bag, small size 5¾" x 9½"

  • 5 available
  • Cherga / rug sunning on a rock wall below a traditional village house

Sepia Beige gift bags

8 sepia pictures of Bulgarian scenes on each side, cord handles

BG27 GB1&2

tall – 12cm x 19½ cm   $2.50

wide – 18cm x 16cm  $3.00

5 available in each design

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