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Handicrafts and Souvenirs
From the Balkans and beyond

Russian Decorative Plate D55   $20.

Metal plate with 3 girls wearing traditional Russian costumes, and spinning.

Very good vintage condition from the 1960s. One small worn spot; no wire hanger on the back.

4.5” wide x 5.7” long, aluminum

Gold color with maroon and white accents on the girls. Written on the plate in Russian is “Три девицы под окном пряли поздно вечерком.” or “Three maidens under the window were spinning late in the evening.”

24d-32    $14.50

Vintage Romanian Flute Player 

Hand-woven linen on cardboard 

Yellowed with age, still charming

  • 7½" x 11" plus fringe
  • Collage: wood, cloth
  • Leather shoes
  • Fringe slightly crushed
  • String for hanging

Hungarian Czango Tiny Dance Shoes

HS-d52   4"    $8.75 

  • One pair left
  •  Hang on rear view mirror
  • Decorate a Christmas tree
  • Add to your tiny shoe collection
  • Well-made miniature

Russian Balalaika Plate

CHT8-08  6" diam.  $10.

  • Vintage 1995
  • Excellent condition
  • Hand-painted wood
  • 3-D musician on flat plate
  • Hanging loop & Russian label on back

Russian wood plate

RP1-06  4½" diam.  $6.

  • Vintage, only this one
  • Bright, hand-painted

CZP c64     $34.50

Framed Czech Needlework

  • Craftswoman - Jarka Koresova
  • Cross-stitch couple in folk costume
  • 9½" square black wood frame with glass

TS 25-7-1 Hand-crafted Silk Pouch $16.


  • Kutanya, Turkey
  • Drawstring closing
  • Gold tinsel thread
  • Delicate embroidery
  • 8" tall including trim, 5" wide

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