Macedonian Costumes
and costume parts

SOLD Vintage Macedonian Vest  


Traditional red wool vest

Calico lining, black gaitani


Very special decorations

  • 2 bead triangles
  • Black-striped glass beads
  • Red, and blue beads
  • “Store-bought” buttons

  • Turkish moneti coins
  • Ball buttons with red beads

Vintage Macedonian Vests

c26-MV4b    $160.

Traditional authentic folk vests

Good vintage condition

Maroon velvet with white lining

Ornate decoration - beads & sequins

Rows of trim, lace

  • Slightly different designs
  • Both size small

C26-MV4b – slight color fade on lining

Ecru lace around yoke






c26-MV3    $160. 

pink lace

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