Pysanki Ukrainian Easter Eggs
Bulgarian Pillow Covers
made from vintage kilim remnants

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Pillow covers made from remnants of beautiful vintage Bulgarian handwoven wool traditional rugs, backed with sturdy twill, with zipper opening for stuffing.  Fiberfill works well. 

BG15 PC12 Kotel $42, 11” x 20”

You’ll see the difference in the Chiprovtsi and Kotel designs.



BG15 PC15 Kotel $46, 16½” square


BG15 PC16 Kotel $46, about 18” square


BG15 PC17 Kotel $46,  about 18” square

BG15 PC19 Kotel $54, about 20” square

and similar:

BG15 PC20 Kotel $54,  20x22”


BG15 PC21 Kotel $54, about 20” square


BG15 PC23 Chiprovtsi $54, about 16” square


BG15 PC24 Chiprovtsi $54, about 16” square


BG15 PC13 Chiprovtsi $46, about 16” square



BG12 R12 Chiprovtsi $60, about 24" square

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