Welcome to Balkan Bazaar


Part of our shop at a previousTexas Camp 

We are Suze and Richie, the owners of Balkan Bazaar.   Welcome to our website. We hope you'll return often to discover new things. We're often in Bulgaria in spring to look for ethnic treasures to bring you. We're either at home in Greensboro, NC, or we're traveling to set up the shop. Our big van is packed full of wonderful one of a kind folk items from Bulgaria, the Balkans, and beyond. 

It's Summer 2016 already.  We hope to see you at EEFC's Balkan Music & Dance Workshop - an entire week of dancing, singing, playing music, and SHOPPING at Balkan Bazaar! Then there's the World Village dance workshop over Labor Day weekend, Mountain Playshop in Black Mountain NC in September, and then the fall Makemie Woods get together. Last chance to see the shop in all it's fluffed out glory will be at Texas Camp over Thanksgiving weekend.

What's new? Bulgarian coloring books are here for your decoration, relaxation, and amusement.  A new set of yazmalar scarves are here from Istanbul Turkey. Lots of dance shoes and boots.

Where’s the shop? We don't have a store front in a real building. We travel to folk dance camps, workshops, weekend events, and festivals to build a shop with our contemporary and vintage Balkan folk wares. For the optimum effect, you should experience Balkan Bazaar at an event.

We're happy to make an appointment for you to come to our house if you need a costume piece, CD, book, etc, and you can see a sample of our wares here on the website.  

What is Balkan Bazaar? Our store, both online and real, is a treasure trove of folky things, lots to look through. At an event, you can browse several racks of clothing, and explore our tables to find the treasures you want. 

Look at our catalog while you're here.  View some of our product photos. We have many wonderful things, but not everything we sell is listed. It's easier for us to set up a real shop than to manipulate the website!

Many items are one of a kind.   A vintage hand-woven beaded belt for a women's Bulgarian costume, or an ethnic costume book -- when that unique piece is gone, it's gone. Luckily, we're always collecting more. Some items are available in various styles and sizes, such as Bulgarian T-shirts, Bulgarian socks, table linens, and postcards. 

Please contact us if you don't see what you want, or if you have a question about a listed item.  We'll tell you if we still have the item, can get another one, or we'll suggest something similar.

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