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Bulgarian CD: At the Bulgarian dance tavern

now reduced to $14. 

Cover art – “Dobrudzhanska Opas” by Nadezhda Kuteva

Beautiful packaging:

From Jaap Leegwater:

"I am proud and happy to announce the release of my new CD, At the Bulgarian dance tavern, featuring the well-known Dobrudhzan singer Galina Durmushliyska and folk group Kusmet.

It has been very well received at my workshops and camps in the USA and Europe. The recordings can be enjoyed by singers, for Galina's beautiful voice and representation of the typical Dobrudzan singing style, as well as by dancers and musicians for its great dance selection. The album contains the following songs and dances from Galina's and my combined singing and dance programmes."

At the Bulgarian dance tavern contains:

1. Mari hej and bre оvčarju               Мъри хеий / бре овчарю
2. Povlekana                                     Повлекана                       
3. Abre Nikola                                   Абре Никола
4. Djado Mitjovata                             Дядо Митьовата
5. Indže prez gora varveše              Индже през гора въпвеше             
6. Varnensko horo                            Варненско Хоро
7. Stapil dobri                                   Стъпил Добри
8. Madro                                           Мадро
9. Alen božur / Dobričkite momi      Ален божуп / Добпичките моми
10. Pravo Horo                                 Право хоро
11. Ot dolu ide mamo                      От долу иде мамо
12. Lomska račenica                       Ломска ръченица
13. Sborinka                                     Сборенка
14. Cunovo oro                                 Цуново оро

The band Kusmet is

Rein de Graaf – clarinet, Jeroen Smoorenburg – tupan, and Jan Wollring – accordion

With guests Galina Durmushliyska – vocals, Rob Kerkhoven – tambura, bass


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