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Chiprovtsi is one of the few Bulgarian villages where carpet weaving is still widely practiced, and where these skills are still passed down from mother to daughter.


Women get wool from the local sheep, and process it much as their mothers and grandmothers did. They color the wool with natural dyes they make from traditional vegetable pigments.Typical colors used though the years include beige, brown, olive-green, light blue, dark blue, scarlet, and crimson; black is used more recently as an accent. The colorful dyed skeins are hung to dry on fences and clotheslines.


The brightly colored patterns come from centuries-old stylized motifs, many of which were originally fertility symbols. Typical are birds, chickens, nests, zig-zag vines, flowers, medallions, and cabbages.

Vertical looms are strung with cotton warp. The women use a wool weft to weave both the double-faced flat-woven carpets and the smaller hangings called pano.

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