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Bulgarian Socks Chorapi
Traditional knit designs

Bulgarian socks are called chorapi.  Traditionally knit of wool, a few cotton; stage costume socks are usually acrylic. Most of the chorapi we offer are new, wool, knit by craftswomen who follow traditional patterns -- from where we don't know unless the ladies can tell us. Sadly, one of the best knitters is losing her sight due to old age [and too much knitting in dim light?] so many of the complicated patterns she favored won't be available much longer.

Chorapi can be worn with a folk costume or the colorful designs can be enjoyed every day for warmth. Maybe for cross-country ski wear?  As house slippers?

There's usually no tag, no size given in these hand-knit socks.  For a general idea of size, we compare chorapi to store-bought USA ladies' socks which say "fits 9-11."  Measuring the feet, where do you stop for the pointed toe?  We'll note if the socks are unusually big, little, or not very stretchy, like some cotton socks. Some are tall, others short -- we often measure from the heel to the top.

The following pages have beautiful colorful socks / chorapi for you.

BG20 CH-1  $30.

Bulgarian socks 

Child's special socks,  good for display

  • Handknit wool
  • Rich dark colors, multi stripes
  • Metallic gold thread work
  • Small size
  • Top 8½" tall
  • Length of foot 6"

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