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Lederhosen are men's traditional suede leather shorts.  During the 18th century these durable pants were rough work clothes for farmers and peasants.

In the late 19th century, during the age of Romanticism, the upper class developed an interest in folk culture and adopted lederhosen for leisure wear, hunting, and hiking.  Trachten, traditional German and Austrian folk costumes, have fancy lederhosen with staghorn buttons and traditional embroidery decoration.

Lederhosen are usually worn with leather braces /suspenders which attach to buttons on the front and back of the shorts, crossing in the back.  A leather strap connects the suspenders across the chest - often there's a breastplate decorated with flowers or birds. [See boy's school photo, left.]


Light gray suede Lederhosen 

LH1    used   $85.   only one

  • small; 27" waist
  • green piping
  • missing inside waist button
  • front pockets, knife pocket
  • back pocket with button
  • matching suede braces, lined
  • breastplate, embossed Edelweiss

Olive green Lederhosen       

LH2   used   $85.   only one

  • medium, 34" waist
  • light seam inserts
  • front pockets, back pocket
  • long knife pocket
  • green leather suspenders repaired, in poor condition
  • green wool breastplate
  • embroidered edelweiss

Lederhosen are sturdy and long-lasting.  Traditionally, they're kept in a family for years, from father to son.  Stains? Dirt? According to custom, the older and more worn, the better. Traces of wear are part of the individual character of each pair.  Bavarians say, “Wear the stains with pride. Only tourists have clean lederhosen,” and "never clean lederhosen."

Dark gray Lederhosen           

LH3  used  $85.   only one   

  • medium, 34" waist
  • brown piping
  • front panel has writing inside
  • inner leather waistband
  • 2 front pockets, back pocket
  • knife pocket
  • no suspenders


Lederhosen have a small knife pocket on the right-hand side. The shorts have a buttoned drop-front fly.  An expansion pleat in the back waistband gives several more inches.

No, there won't be a quiz.


 SOLD Austrian apron & oven mitt

AA33-17    only one left

Don't want to wear the real thing? Here's a cute fake!

  • cotton apron, stylized Tracht
  • black apron ties
  • 23" across front
  • 33" top to hem
  • mitt attached with velcro

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