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This magnificent museum piece is a prochelnik, a Bulgarian ornament from the late 1800s / early 1900s.  The chains were pinned on each side of a woman’s headscarf, with the center part draped across her forehead. No, we don't have it - the photo is from a folder of Bulgarian jewelry cards.

We have several authentic vintage pieces which look like the central part of the prochelnik without the long sideways chains and coins. The pieces are often made of silver-colored metal, probably a lower grade silver than sterling, with hand-worked twisted wire link chains. Tinkling thin metal dangles such as old Ottoman coins, or bits in the shape of diamonds, palm leaves, stylized hands, or other shapes, are often attached to the chain links.

  typical chain pattern called "Spanish" or "money" chain


Through the years vintage jewelry loses small coins or parts, and the pieces get repaired with extra dangles and beads, modern findings, bits of wire, or even string! Often a hook or stickpin is added to the top.  We don't have the expertise to make jewelry repairs, so we offer pieces as we find them.

This jewelry is a wonderful addition to any Bulgarian or Balkan collection. Beautiful to display, these pieces can also be worn and enjoyed today. Some pins will hook on the neckline of a blouse or dress, while items with a loop at the top can be worn on a chain.

The pieces we have are on on the next several pages.

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